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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

The Chocolate Agency started out in February 2017 as a Public Relations firm but we quickly realized are niche market was website design and consulting services. Our results spoke for themselves as we were helping startups who had $0 and earning them $300-$500 a month. We made the switch to a Website Consulting firm in 2019 and this is where our clientele started growing. About 85% of our clients are referrals from other projects and its that customer loyalty that provided us the oppourtinity to do some market experimentation with a variety of companies in different industries.


Our results proved instrumental in the overall success of these growing businesses. It was at that point we had past clients coming to us asking for help and advice and how to better manage thier new traffic. Between making the products or producing the services, managing their website & social media, etc. it became apparent to us we should add a new segment into our business. So,  in 2021 we became The Chocolate Agency Consulting & Management Group. We now help businesses of all sizes not only grow thier business but help them implement vital foundational policies so they can be better prepared to create an efficiently functioning team. 

Work Desk

Soooo, do we sell chocolate?

We get asked all the time "Do you guys sell chocolate"and the unfortunate answer is no. The Chocolate Agency got its name from the delicate process it takes to make cocoa powder or lliquor. The cocoa bean goes through a 3 stage process and we implement these ideals into how we manage and consult with different businesses. 

Coffee Plantation


The whole cocoa beans are picked from the cacoa tree then their outer shells are removed and they are dried for the next stage.

With your business, we begin by peeling the outer shell of your business. We evaluate everything you've done and come up with a plan to ensure you reach all of your business goals. 




Stage is 2 is wheere the beans are dried and pressed or refined to make either cocoa powder or liquor. The refined process makes a powder while the pressed route makes the liquor.

Here, we decide which route is best for your business, "refined" or "pressed" we normally use a refined route for established businesses because they have a more established base in how they want to run their business. 

Multicolor Coffees


The final stage is sending off the powder or liquor to make industrial chocolate, cocoa cake, brownies, coffee, etc. 


It is in this final stage that we begin putting the plan into aciton and monitoring the results and adjusting as needed just as a vendor who put a new coffee flavor. 

Our Clients

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