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Pre-Made Template Policy


By purchasing any pre-made template on our website, you agree to ther terms & conditions listed below.
We are not liable for any changes you make that cannot be undone such as but not limited to; deleting the page from your dashboard, losing your account e-mail or password, or a 3rd party interferring with your website in any form.
You understand by purchasing a pre-made template from our website, you may see other websites with the same layout or theme as yours.

You acknowledge you have 30 days to decide what role (Website Manager, Admin, etc.) you would like us to be and any chanages you might want to make your website to be eligible for the free service. Any service requested after 30 days of receiving the wesbite will result in an invoice being sent. 

Rights to Sell or Redistribute

Buy purchasing a pre-made template from our site you are giving up the rights to say that the website layout was your "creation" but you own the rights to change it at your own discretion. 

You agree that if you keep the template the same and do not change more than 50% of the templates design then you must keep "Created by The Chocolate Agency" with the embedded link in the footer of your website. You also agree not to redistribute or re-sell the website as your own creation. 

If you change more than 50% of the websites template you have the right to remove "Created by The Chocolate Agency" from your websites footer.  You are also allowed to resell or redistribute the redesigned website at your own discretion. 

The 50% threshold is determined at our own discretion and on a case by case basis. If you disagree with a decision that we have made or have a inquiry on if your website has passed or is under the threshold, pleae e-mail us. 

Payment Methods

- Credit / Debit Cards

- 3rd Party Apps (AfterPay, Klarna, etc.)

- Offline Payments

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