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Established in February 2017 as a Public Relations firm, The Chocolate Agency swiftly pivoted to specialize in website design and consulting services, recognizing a burgeoning niche. Our impactful results were evident as we propelled startups from $0 to monthly earnings ranging from $500 to $30,000. In 2019, we officially transitioned into a Website Consulting firm, experiencing exponential client growth, with 85% coming from referrals. Our success led to market experimentation across diverse industries.

Recognizing the need for comprehensive support, we evolved in 2021 into The Chocolate Agency Consulting & Management Group. Beyond website design, we guide businesses in social media, e-mail, and overall brand management. We've curated a dedicated team, ensuring our clients receive unparalleled support, allowing them to not only grow but also establish robust foundational policies for sustained success.

Do We Sell Chocolate?

We get asked all the time "Do you guys sell chocolate"and the unfortunate answer is no. The Chocolate Agency got its name from the delicate process it takes to make cocoa powder or lliquor. The cocoa bean goes through a 3 stage process and we implement these ideals into how we manage and consult with different businesses. 

The whole cocoa beans are picked from the cacoa tree then their outer shells are removed and they are dried for the next stage.

With your business, we begin by peeling the outer shell of your business. We evaluate everything you've done and come up with a plan to ensure you reach all of your business goals. 


Stage is 2 is where the beans are dried and pressed or refined to make either cocoa powder or liquor. The refined process makes a powder while the pressed route makes the liquor.

Here, we decide which route is best for your business, "refined" or "pressed" we normally use a refined route for established businesses and a pressed route for startups that may need more "flavor".


The final stage is sending off the powder or liquor to make industrial chocolate, cocoa cake, brownies, coffee, etc. 

It is in this final stage that we can see the plan put in action and gauge how the end user or consumer feels about the curated taste your brand has given. 


Kenadi Hunter, a Texarkana native, forged an unconventional path from family expectations. Initially destined for the family grave-digging business, she redirected her trajectory at 14. Empowered by her grandfather, she assumed a pivotal role as a business manager, handling scheduling, grave-side services, employee payments, and negotiations.

Enrolling in the International Baccalaureate Program for Art at Garland High School at 16, Kenadi cultivated skills that birthed a clothing company. Transitioning to Oklahoma State University's Spears School of Business, she immersed herself in the "Student Startup Central" program. A spotlight on O State TV catapulted her web design expertise into the limelight, reshaping her passion from fashion to empowering businesses through digital avenues.

In 2017, Kenadi transferred to the University of North Texas, graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Integrative Studies, majoring in Anthropology, Learning Communications, and Studio Art. Armed with this diverse academic background, she became a guiding force for clients, ranging from small businesses to agencies with 50-1000 employees. Her expertise extends to fostering brand recognition, achieving monetization goals, optimizing SEO, and cultivating genuine engagement. Kenadi Hunter's journey embodies a narrative of resilience, transformation, and a relentless pursuit of excellence in the dynamic realms of business and digital innovation.



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